We are very committed to making this training financially accessible, especially to those who are underrepresented in the current yoga scene. We have a robust scholarship fund, aided by the greater social justice and yoga community, as well as payment plans to help get a wider range of teachers out there representing the fullness of our communities.

We know that a training like this can be expensive, and as such, we consistently price our training below market value. This is a manifestation of our practice of asteya (non-greed).

At the same time, the faculty and facilitators of Adhikara Yoga School have put many years and consistent energy into our study and practice, and ask for you to value our experience and skills. This grappling with the balance of a living wage for educators and a financially accessible education is embedded in our teaching, practice, and offering at Adhikara. 


Partial Scholarships

We recognize that in the history of yoga in the US, certain communities have been under-represented or denied entrance into our sanghas (communities of practice), and that certain communities are targeted by the current administration.

To address this injustice in the small way that we can, Adhikara Yoga School will prioritize scholarships to people of color, queer and trans communities, disabled or chronically ill folks, immigrants, and low-income individuals.

Our aim in providing these scholarships is to promote the tools of mindfulness, breath work, stillness, compassionate communication, and embodiment within these communities, providing essential skills and capacity needed for the current political moment, survival of marginalized communities, and transformation of yoga in the US.

We invite you to consider this a practice of both generosity and reconciliation, and welcome you to sit with your own positionality as you decide how you might fund this training. 

In preparation, we invite you fill out this Scholarship Worksheet to get a clearer idea of your income, responsibilities, and positionality.

Payment Plans

We are very willing to work with you to figure out a plan that spaces tuition payments out so that they are more financially feasible. Once you apply, you may opt to discuss this with Molly and Jacoby in your application phone interview.